Remuneration amount

In accordance with assumptions included in the Council Directive 2009/50/EC, the minimum annual remuneration qualifying to receive the Blue Card cannot be lower than one and a half of the average annual gross remuneration in the particular Member State. In the Polish law, this amount is set in the Regulation of the Minister of Interior Affairs of 10 December 2014 on the amount of minimum remuneration required to grant a temporary residence permit to a foreigner to perform work requiring high qualifications and cannot be less than PLN 5,475.09 per month, i.e. PLN 65,702 per year. The actual amount of the disposable income can vary depending on the type of the contract/agreement concluded. Sample monthly calculations for the most common types of contracts/agreements are presented below.


Personal service contract

Employment contract

Specific task contract

Copyright work contract

Total remuneration cost

6 493.30 zł 6 633.55 zł    

Old- age pension insurance

  536.80 zł    536.80 zł    

Disability pension insurance

  357.50 zł    357.50 zł    

Accident insurance

    99.00 zł    134.75 zł    

Premiums for the Labour Fund


Guaranteed Employee Benefits



        5.50 zł    
Gross amount 5 500.00 zł 5 500.00 zł 5 500.00 zł 5 500 zł

Old- age pension insurance

   536.80 zł    536.80 zł    

Disability pension insurance

     82.50 zł      82.50 zł     

Sickness insurance

       0.00 zł    134.75 zł     

Health insurance

   439.26 zł    427.14 zł     

Tax base

3 905.00 zł 4 635.00 zł    
PIT advance    325.00 zł    420.00 zł    792.00 zł    495.00 zł
Net amount 4 116.44 zł  3 898.81 zł 4 708.00 zł   5 005.00 zł

The remuneration calculator is available at:

During the term of the permit, the Blue Card holder can undertake performing work for other entities only based on separate work permits. More information on this topic is available in the article: Legal work.

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