Briefly about Polish

The Polish language belongs to the group of West Slavic Indo-European languages. Its closest cousins are Czech, Slovakian and Sorbian. It is also closely related to East Slavic languages. Due to many similarities at the lexical and grammatical levels, other Slavs can learn it relatively fast.

The Polish language has around 45 million users, 38 million of whom live in Poland. It is also spoken by the Polish diaspora in such countries as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and by Polish minorities in Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Kazakhstan. During the last decade, however, there has been a growing number of foreign nationals who live in Poland and speak the language or students who choose to read Slavic languages in their countries. There are 10,000 such students now, and 30% of them work their way through the secrets of the

Polish language in Polish schools and universities. Teaching methods are being developed dynamically and innovative curricula for teaching Polish as a second language are being created.

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