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To be a vehicle driver a person must reach a certain age (in most cases: 18 years), be physically and mentally fit, and meet one of the following conditions:

  1. a person is capable of driving a vehicle in a way which is safe, does not hamper road traffic and does not expose anyone to any damage and is a holder of a document certifying that a person is entitled to drive a vehicle
  2. a person is a student of a driving school
  3. a person is passing a state exam

The following are the documents entitling a person to drive a vehicle:

  • a driving license; category of a driving license must match the type of a motor vehicle driven;
  • a permit to drive a tram;
  • A bicycle license - if a bicycle driver is a minor;
  • an ID card (a passport) - if a bicycle or bicycle cart driver is a major.

A special course must be completed by:

  • professional drivers;
  • drivers carrying hazardous materials;
  • taxi drivers;
  • mobile plant operators;
  • driving instructors or driving examiners;
  • tram drivers.

Categories of a driving license in Poland:


Remember about the speed limits on the Polish roads:





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