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When planning to look for a job in Poland or, in particular, before beginning your professional activity here, it is crucial that you learn about the rights and obligations connected with your planned activity. They may determine subsequent actions which you will have to undertake (independently or, frequently, together with your employer).

1. First of all, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the type of contract offered and the job description. Look up the position you have been offered and the corresponding scope of professional duties in the job description browser. Meanwhile, the standards of professional skills and qualifications necessary to take up a job in respective professions will help you determine whether you possess all the qualifications and competences expected by your future employer.

2. You should also learn who your employer is. Information on the employer can be found in the following databases:

3. It is also recommended to check what kind of a contract your potential employer is offering. Young people who are only beginning their professional careers should bear in mind in particular that unpaid internships are very popular in Poland and that they are frequently conducted on the basis of a volunteer cooperation contract.

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