Confirmation of the right to healthcare services

Entities providing healthcare services check whether the patient has the rights to healthcare service, using the system for electronic verification of rights of service recipients (eWUŚ) and based on the Personal Identification Number (PESEL) and the identity document of the patient (e.g. passport, residence card). If the particular facility does not have access to the eWUŚ system or the verification outcome is negative, the patient should present a paper document, confirming his/her right to use the services, such as e.g.:

  • ZUS RMUA monthly report issued by the employer;
  • current proof of payment of the health insurance premium – for a person carrying out business activities;
  • current certificate issued by the labour office – for a person registered as unemployed;
  • the agreement conclude with the National Health Fund together with a copy of the ZUS ZZA form and current proof of paying the insurance premium – for a person subject to voluntary insurance;
  • Polish Card (Karta Polaka) – for a person entitled to healthcare services in emergency situations;
  • European Health Insurance Card (Europejska Karta Ubezpieczenia Zdrowotnego, EKUZ) – for a person insured in another EU/EFTA state.

Additionally, in the case of pupils and students (between 18 and 26 years of age), a school or student card is required.
If the patient does not have a document in paper form, he/she can make a written statement on the right to healthcare services that he/she has. Template statement is in forms enclosed.

In emergency situations and when making the statement is impossible due to health condition, healthcare services are provided despite non-confirming the right to healthcare services. In such case, a person, to whom services were provided, is obliged (under pain of charging this person with costs of services provided) to present the document confirming his/her right to healthcare services or making the statement. These activities should be carried out within precisely set timeframe, depending on services provided:

  • within 14 days of the day of starting the provision of healthcare services;
  • within 7 days of ending treatment at a hospital ward;

- under pain of charging the patients with costs of services provided (Article 50 section 11 of the Act on healthcare services financed from public funds).

A person, who confirms his/her right to healthcare services by making a statement inconsistent with the actual status or using paper document despite not being entitled thereto, shall bear costs of services provided to this person.

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