Rights of the mum-to-be at work

Pregnant women have particular rights and needs, not only with regard to healthcare. If they are employed in Poland under an employment contract then, regardless of their right of residence, they are entitled to special treatment at their workplace.

What should the mum-to-be expect from her employer?

  • The employer cannot dismiss a pregnant woman;
  • If a woman leaves work before discovering she is pregnant, she is entitled to cancel her notice of termination;
  • If a woman is employed for a specified period exceeding one month, which ends before the anticipated delivery date, the employer is obliged to extend it until the delivery date;
  • The employer may not change the working conditions or reduce the remuneration of a pregnant employee. The sole exception are mass redundancies at the enterprise;
  • In case of health problems, the employer should reduce the working time or the scope of responsibilities so that it poses no risk to the health of the mum-to-be. If necessary, the employer is obliged to grant the employee leave from work during the pregnancy;
  • Pregnant women may not work at night or overtime;
  • The employer may not require the pregnant employee to provide work outside the workplace without her consent;
  • The mum-to-be is entitled to leave work in order to perform medical tests for which she was referred by her doctor, if it is not possible outside the working hours;
  • In case of sick leave during the pregnancy, the woman is entitled to up to 270 days of sickness benefit.

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